The brides bouquet

Jul 12

Something I have really enjoyed learning at my internship is how to make bouquets.  There are so many different things you can do with your bouquet, whether you want something different and over the top or simple and classic.

This is Holly’s bouquet.  It incorporated her colors of pink and teal with the peonies and and blue thistle but the yellow really made it stand out.

Katey posted this picture a couple weeks ago of a brooch bouquet.  They have become increasingly popular and the great thing about them is you can keep them forever.

Having an all white bouquet is very romantic and simple or you can spicy it up with lots of colors and unique flowers.

I loved this idea! Each bridesmaid has a different bouquet with a single flower and the bride’s bouquet is a combination of all the flowers.

Have fun with your bouquet and let it show a little bit of your personality. There are no limits when it comes to the flowers you can use in your bouquet.

Happy Planning!


Photo Credit: Holly’s Bouquet, Brooch Bouquet, All White Bouquet, Colorful Bouquet, Bridesmaid

July 12, 2012 Floral
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