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Apr 12

One of my favorite things about weddings is the traditions.  There are all different kinds of traditions, from the ones your own family has started to the more well known ones, such as the famous something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. And a silver sixpence in her shoe! I hear this rhyme all the time when talking about weddings but I never really knew the meaning of having these items with you on your wedding day.  I found an article on The Knot and wanted to share it with those of you who like me,  never really knew the meaning. “Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity and a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity.”

Recently I have noticed all the unique ways brides are encompassing the something blue into their wedding. Check out these new takes on an old tradition!

Your shoes are an easy way to add something blue to your wedding.  Don’t want your shoes to be completely blue? Here are some ways to subtly add blue to your shoes

Adding blue to your dress can be done a few different ways.  I love the idea of stitching the date of your wedding into your dress in blue thread. It makes the something blue a little more sentimental. Having blue tool under your dress is a different way to add blue to your wedding and your guests will be surprised as it peeks out while you walk down the aisle.

And last but certainly not least, the bouquet.  You can be very creative when it comes to your bouquet.  There are a wide range of flowers to choose from that can incorporate the something blue, or you can use a blue ribbon or brooch at the base of your bouquet.

Happy Planning!


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